Presqu'ile Winery Features Lompoc Natural Stone

Presqu'ile Winery built a spectacular new winery in the Santa Maria Valley region of the central California coast. The 30,000 square foot complex was designed by Taylor Lombardo Architects, and much of the winery and hospitality building features a custom blend of Lompoc Stone specifically fabricated for Presqu'ile Winery. Local mason Pat Black, of Black Masonry, used his signature skills as an artisan to make the surrounding environment even more inviting.

The Santa Maria Sun published an article and photo book featuring the history and offerings of the Presqu'ile Winery. You can Read it Here.

Photo of Natural Stone Used For a Retaining Wall
Exterior Wall That Uses Lompoc Stone
Natural Stone Fireplace and Chimney
Outside Wall Uses Lompoc Stone
Fireplace Built with Natural Stone
Fireplace and Chimney Made With Lompoc Stone
Natural Stone Used to Build a Doorway
Art Gallery Wall Made of Lompoc Stone
Retaining Wall Uses Natural Stone Construction
Natural Stone Retaining Wall
Retaining Wall and Building With Lompoc Stone Construction
Outdoor Patio Surrounded by Natural Stone Features

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