How to Install a 2,200lb Bryce Canyon Beam

The owner of a beautiful home wanted something very special for the center piece of an impressive remodeling project. They asked for a specific size of stone in the shape of a very large beam. We worked with Lompoc Quarries, and they were able to custom cut a massive beam of solid Bryce Canyon stone that fit the bill.

How do you get a 13 foot long solid piece of stone that weighs 2,200 pounds through the gate of a nicely landscaped home? Very carefully! Our driver had to use every trick in his book, some of which he’s not talking about, but he did it!

Next the contractor, Peregrine Inc., was faced wth the supreme challenge of placing and securing the giant slab into exactly the right position. How did they do it? Well, they didn’t use a crane. Instead, they used “Old School” techniques to move the 2,200 pound beam. Click on the video to see how it was done!








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