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There’s nothing better than cooking a delicious meal in the great outdoors, especially on a high-quality gourmet-designed gas grill, and as long as it performs like a pro and is easy for anyone to use, like a PGS Outdoor Gas Grill.

PGS is dedicated to the gas grill industry. From design to manufacturing, they have been part of it. PGS has used this experience to produce an easy to operate, safe, functionally elegant, unparalleled line of grills that provide the outdoor chef with the ultimate in performance, flexibility and durability. That’s why Sepulveda Building Materials is proud to carry their products at our five southern California locations.

How do PGS gas grills compare with the others? With materials and construction, functional design and meticulous craftsmanship surpassed by none, PGS grills are tough enough to withstand the rigors of living outdoors. Easy enough for a novice to use, while also being flexible for a seasoned veteran who can grill, smoke, bake, warm, saute and rotiss on command.

So, grab your barbecue fork, put on your favorite grilling apron, and let Sepulveda Building Materials introduce you to the PGS premium-quality gas grill unit that will suit your taste to perfection. In other words... GIVE PGS A SERIOUS GRILLING!

The PGS Warranty is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and includes “lifetime” coverage on grill housings, exterior stainless components, cooking grids and warming racks. Learn more about PGS Grills by calling or visiting any of the Sepulveda Building Materials Five Locations.

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PGS Grills 
Barbeques for residential to commercial uses. You will also find in this section our patio heaters for table tops, outdoor walls, ceilings and awnings. Enjoy outdoor entertainment year-round! More
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PGS Legacy Series 
The PGS Stainless Steel Burner System and Controls turn up the heat with quality and flexibility for infinite control of settings so you can sear, sauteĀ“ or simmer at just the correct temperature.

PGS cooking grids are crafted of commercial-quality,...More
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