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Types of Firewood, Firewood Information, Firewood Heat Content

Sepulveda Building Materials is the Best Source of Firewood for Sale in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Palm Springs and all of Southern California

Not Sure What To Buy?
This page is full information on firewood characteristics and fire wood heat content. If that’s more firewood information than you want, or if you are still not sure what fire wood to buy, don’t worry! Just go to one of our Five Locations and buy a Firewood Rack. One of our firewood experts will help you pick a mix of firewood. Try each type separately in your own fireplace, and then try a mix of firewood types. Once you find the firewood that fits you and your fireplace, you can Order Firewood Online from anywhere in southern California from our online firewood store!

Hardwoods burn hotter and cleaner which means you actually burn fewer hardwood logs than softwood to obtain the type of fire you want. Hardwoods leave less creosote, a sap residue that can clog chimney flue and even cause fires in extreme cases.

Hickory is very hard, very stiff, very dense and very shock resistant. It has been used for centuries as a wood of choice for fuel wood because of its high energy content. Hickory wood is also a preferred type for smoke curing meats and as a way to add flavour to your meat. Burning hickory wood in your fireplace contributes an earthy smell and warmth to the entire house. Hickory heartwood is tan or reddish brown with a sapwood that is white to cream. Click here to purchase hickory firewood today!

Oak is a long-burning hardwood that is typically used in pizza ovens, wood-burning grills and barbecues. Oak is usually seasoned for four to six months. Like most wood from Sepulveda Building Materials, different lengths can be selected when you purchase oak firewood, depending on your needs.

Mesquite is typically used in pizza ovens or wood-burning grills and it is a favorite for barbecues. It is a slow-burning wood that creates a hot fire. It produces a great aroma and gives barbecued meat or poultry a Southwestern flavor! Now you can purchase mesquite firewood on-line!

Almond is usually dark in color and is seasoned for nine months. It produces about 20% more heat per cord than Oak, making it a good value, and it burns clean for an easy clean-up. You can purchase almond firewood on-line from Sepulveda Building Materials.

Walnut is usually light in color and produces much more heat than typical warehouse or grocery store bundles, making it a good value. It burns clean for an easy clean-up and is typically smaller and easier to carry than some other woods. Get a good value by purchasing walnut firewood on-line from Sepulveda Building Materials.

Firewood For Sale
An actual Half Cord of Sepulveda's 16” Wood. Notice the three rows of wood stacked neatly on the easy-to-store pallet.

These woods are usually more plentiful and sometimes more attractive in price. They ignite easily and can heat your fireplace and flue faster. However, they can create more smoke and creosote.

Juniper has a shaggy bark, is very aromatic and pops and crackles when burning. CAUTION: Be sure to use a full fireplace screen when burning juniper! This wood is easy to ignite, making it a good choice to mix with a longer-burning wood like Almond. You can buy Juniper, Almond or a mix of the two on-line from Sepulveda.

Pine is the "hardwood" of the softwood family. It lights easily and burns with more flame, but for a softwood gives you a good value as the fire lasts longer than other softwoods typically found in grocery stores. purchase Pine on-line from Sepulveda Building Materials.

Mixed Woods
Not sure what to purchase? We suggest a mix of both soft and hard woods. Softwood makes it easy to start the fire and preheat the chimney. Once the fire is going, add hardwood to keep the fire going with less work. For a great hot fire with less ash, oak and walnut is a great combination. Adding Walnut to your mixed woods helps get your fire started and creates a larger flame.

When you purchase a mixed cord of wood we deliver one pallet of softwood and one pallet of hardwood. For example: one pallet of Juniper and one pallet of Almond. Mixed half cords are mixed equally on the same pallet. Sepulveda Building Materials offers mixed woods for sale on-line.

One-Third Cord
Available only in our 16” length wood and wood mixtures, delivered on a wrapped pallet and is great for condos, apartments, town-homes, or restaurants. The 1/3 cord pallet measures the equivalent of 48” H x 48” L x 2 Logs deep. This is about the same space as two full-size trash cans, making for easy storage in a yard, garage or driveway.

Racks are smaller firewood packages – 1/16 of a cord. They fit into the trunk of a car and are perfect for beach outings, campouts or homes with limited storage. Racks are not sold on this website, but we do have firewood rack information online. Please call Sepulveda today at 800-394-4726 or visit one of our store locations for a quote!

Delivery Information
We deliver firewood 6 days a week: Monday - Saturdays only. If you order online before noon, please request delivery for the next delivery day (or later). After noon, please request delivery for the second delivery day after you order (or later). We do not deliver on Sundays. Examples. We do not restack firewood since we deliver the firewood prestacked on pallets. We deliver only to areas and locations that are at least 9’ wide and 7’ high so our fork lifts are able to spot the pallets.

Wrapped On Pallets For Convenience: Sepulveda's Firewood is neatly prestacked and net wrapped on a pallet for your convenience, protection and air flow around the wood, which helps keep wood dry and continues the drying process. The net packaging material has UV prohibitors which lasts over a year and will continue to keep the wood dry from condensation lessening the chances of rot. You do not need to restack the wood unless you really wish to. We don't charge for the pallet, which can be cut up and burned in your fireplace after all the wood is gone, keeps wood off the moist ground, and lessens insect infestation. We don't dump firewood in your driveway and we do not restack the wood. We use small forklifts to spot the pallet of wood. Please note forklifts can only maneuver through areas that are larger than 9’ wide and 7’ high.

When You Buy 1/2 Cord of 22-24” firewood from Sepulveda, it will come on a pallet which measures the equivalent of 4’ W x 4’ H x 2 Logs deep. A full cord is two (2) of our pallets. When buying 1/2 cord of 16” firewood from Sepulveda, it will come on a pallet which measures the equivalent of 4’ W x 4’ H x 3 Logs deep (see photo above). A full cord is two (2) pallets. That’s a lot of wood!

Our 1/3 Cord of 16” firewood measures the equivalent of 48” W x 48” H x 2 Logs deep. It is compact enough to fit in a small area and takes up about the same space as two large trash cans. Due to the pallet size and the quantity of wood, it is perfect for townhome, condo, apartment dwellers or restaurants. Sepulveda gives you your money’s worth!

Approximate Heat Content Per Cord of Woods Used for Firewood in California (Dry Basis)1
NOTE: Sepulveda Building Materials DOES NOT stock all of the woods listed in this table.
For our current stock, please visit our Firewood For Sale page.

Type of Wood Heat Value/Cord
(million BTU)
Type of Wood Heat Value/Cord
(million BTU)
   Port Oxford
Cypress, Monterey
Douglas Fir
   Blue Gum
   Lemon Scented Gum
   Mountain Gum
   Red Gum
   Rose Gum
Shagbark Hickory




Laurel (cont.)
   Myrtle (Oregon)
Mahogany, mountain
   Coast Live
   Canyon Live
   Monterey *
   Pinyon *






1Wood specific gravity and heat value are both necessary for calculation of fuel value. Both have been determined for most woods but data were estimated for a few uncommon species, based on local laboratory experience.

* Pinyon is very close to Monterey Pine in heat value.

Four main factors affect how much heat you will get from your firewood:

  1. Heat content of the wood you purchase (millions of BTU/cord). See the heat content section for details.
  2. Dryness or wood moisture content. This affects the burning efficiency. Basically, damp wood is not as efficient.
  3. Efficiency of your wood-burning appliance.
  4. Fire management skills.

With the optimum combination of factors you can receive up to 60 times more heat per cord of wood! At Sepulveda Building Materials we will be glad to advise you on any aspect of firewood burning. Please contact us at 800-394-4726 or visit one of our locations throughout Southern California for more information.

Half cord of fire wood for sale
Front view of 1/2 cord of wood.
Helpful Hints

Enhance Your Wood-Burning Experience

  1. Always use a spark arrestor on the top of the chimney - these are available at Sepulveda Building Materials locations.
  2. Make sure the damper is open.
  3. Always use a fireplace screen, and make sure that it covers the entire fireplace opening.
  4. Keep the log grate to the rear of the firebox directly under the flue.
  5. Keep a layer of ashes under the grate.
  6. Start the fire slowly for 2-3 minutes.
  7. Don't burn paper, but if you must, roll tightly and place under logs
  8. Have your chimney inspected once a year especially if you burn pine.

Note: We also have log grates, spark arrestors, gas keys, log lighters, screens, and andirons. Please call 800-394-4726 or visit a Sepulveda Building Materials location for more information on these products.

How to Store Your Firewood

  1. Store firewood away from your house on the Sepulveda Building Materials recyclable pallet.
  2. Store firewood away from insects and rodents.
  3. Store firewood on Sepulveda Building Materials pallet and off the ground for air circulation.
  4. Keep the wood dry and exposed to sun and wind - this continues the drying process. Our pallet and wrap enhances this process requirement.
  5. Rotate the woodpile to burn oldest wood first. This keeps insects and rot down.

Note: At Sepulveda Building Materials we sell our most seasoned woods first.


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